Danube ~ Tyršák-Čunovo

The route from the embankment Tyršovo nábrežie to Čuňovo on the Danube mainstream is the longest tour we offer. The paddling time of about 4 hours is intended for more persistent and experienced paddlers. Fortunately, the stream itself will be helping us to the Hrušovská dam.

We will enter the water by stairs directly from the embankment. As soon as we enter the water, we start to be carried away by the current, so it is important that everyone who registers for this tour already has experience in paddleboarding and is sure of their ability to manoeuvre and keep their balance on the board.

During the voyage, we will sail underneath four Bratislava bridges, namely the Old Bridge, Apollo Bridge, Port Bridge and Floodplain Bridge. We will paddle along the right bank of the Danube, where we will be able to observe the natural beauty of the surrounding forests. If we are lucky, we will see the animal inhabitants of the river and the surrounding forests. Here we can come across a beaver, an otter and waterfowl such as mallard, swan, heron or grebe.

This scenery has a magical atmosphere to it and it feels as if you were sailing through an old tree "cemetery". We will end the tour on the south side of the dam, where we will exit the water directly onto the dam. After packing the paddleboards, we can spend some time at the local buffet while waiting for the bus. (Private means of transportation will be provided for larger groups).

  • Length of the tour: 6 h
  • Length of paddling: 4 h
  • Distance: 16,3km
  • Water type: fast flow
  • Difficulty: experienced


You will find all the information you need about the meeting point, parking, and place of entering and exiting the water on this map.

Meeting point: Parking lot at the embankment Tyršovo nábrežie

What do you get?

    • Paddleboard / Sup

    • Paddle

    • Life jacket

    • Safety rope (leash)

    • Dry bag

    • Instructor - basic course

    • Logistics security

What will you bring

  • Water 1.5L (min.)

  • Snack

  • Hat/headgear

  • Sports clothing for the water

  • hand towel

  • Sunglasses

  • Medicines you take regularly

  • List of things


  • You must be a swimmer

  • Own transport to the meeting point

  • Eligible medical condition

  • Minimum age 15 years

  • Younger children only accompanied by an adult

  • Zero alcohol tolerance

  • Minimum number of persons 3


Safety is important and that's why we pay attention to it.


The power of the weather is incredible and can ruin our adventure.


Our instructors and guides are qualified.