What should you take with you?

Required equipment to bring on the trip. You are responsible for packing up and bringing the equipment based on the given suggestions.
  1. Communication device should be suitable for the given activity and location
    survival whistle (provided by the instructor)
  1. Sun protection (sunglasses, head cover, sunscreen, long sleeve shirt etc.)
  2. Sportswear and sports footwear suitable for water activities (no tank tops, skirts, shorts, brazilians etc.) 
  3. Drink water min. 1,5L (the participants should not share their water bottles)
  4. Snack
  5. Towel
  6. Medicine used daily
*All the electronic devices or other equipment that may be damaged by water is to be carried in the water-resistant bags provided by the instructor. The company Paddletour. eu is not responsible for the potential damage caused to this type of equipment by humidity and water.