Our paddleboards

We know that people feel better when they stay active, and we're proud to offer you world-class paddleboards to help you do just that. We've experimented a lot and finally chose the premium JP AUSTRALIA CruisAir SuperLight Paddleboards as well as light and high-quality JP AUSTRALIA Glass fiberglass paddles designed for longer trips.

JP CruisAir is designed specifically for water tourism. A balanced shape with a wider tail and a narrower center combines stability with speed. It is an excellent "touring" board for everyday use and for different levels of paddlers. The shape and riding characteristics of this paddle board follow the latest trends in SUP "cruising".

Our life jackets of various sizes are designed for paddling, so they are comfortable and will not rub against you. In the water resistant RRD bag your things will stay dry and you will also be able to use your mobile phone stored securely in it.

We could write a lot more, but you better come and try using our top-grade equipment yourself.

JP australia cruisair SL
  • Length: 381 cm
  • Width: 81 cm
  • Thickness: 15,2 cm
  • Volume: 333 l
  • User weight: 170 kg
  • Board weight: 8,7 kg
  • Fin:  9.0" IM

JP Paddle Glas

  • Length: 160 - 215 cm
  • Paddle surface: 535 cm2
  • Weight: 0,7 kg

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